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Honey 100% Natural - Grade A

Wildflower Honey - 100% Natural, Grade A

by Chef's Quality
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Wildflower Honey - 100% Natural, Grade A

This Wildflower Honey by Chef’s Quality is 100% pure Grade A honey.

Wildflower Honey is produced by honey-bees that gather nectar from a wide variety of non-industrially cultivated flowers and plants. Wildflower Honey typically has a light amber to amber color. Flavors are all sweet, but range between floral, fruity, nutty, and even tangy depending on the plants in bloom when the bees are gathering nectar.

This honey has been filtered to remove fine particles and pollen grains found in raw honey. Filtering honey helps it maintain its liquid state and shelf life for a longer period of time. It is also aesthetically more desirable to some customers to have transparent golden filtered honey rather than honey with the cloudy appearance that raw honey can have.

Grade A honey has less than 18.6% moisture content, is clear to the eye and has no particulates, has excellent taste, and has no additional chemicals sweeteners or flavors added.

Honey has an incredibly long shelf life. If stored in a cool dry place, in a sealed container, honey can remain stable for years, maintaining its sweet taste and aroma. Eventually honey will crystalize. If your honey crystalizes it is possible to still use the honey by gently warming the jar in a hot water bath until the honey is clear and smooth again.

Use wild flower honey as a mild sweetener. It can be used in tea, as a glaze for bread, and in sweet marinades and sauces (like barbecue sauce) for meats. Honey blends well with savory spicy flavors as well as sweet fruity flavors.

Ingredients: Wildflower honey.
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Product Questions And Answers

Q: Although this honey is filtered, can it be used to ferment foods the way raw honey does?
A: Yes. Filtered honey can be used to ferment other foods, but you will loose flavor and aroma.

Q: Is honey from US?
A: Yes, the honey is from US.


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