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Browse our collection of real honey for sale! We have a sweet selection of some of the world's finest honeys - from lush lavender to earthy chestnut honey and floral Orange blossom honey, plus some rare offerings like truffled honey. Whether used for cooking and baking, spread over muffins or toast, or drizzled over our best cheeses and desserts, we source all our honeys from the best suppliers - the bee's knees! Shop now and buy raw honey online today.
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Lavender Honey
from France by Gabriel Peronmeny
French Lavender Honey is a light golden amber, creamy, raw honey from lavender fields in bloom.
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Chestnut Honey - In Crock
from Spain by Mitica
A lovely and intensely flavored honey from the mountains of Asturias.
White Truffle Honey
from Italy by Sabatino
A simple, and simply delicious product of white truffles and acacia honey.
Marcona Almonds in Rosemary Honey
from Spain by Mitica
Meaty almonds from Spain in fragrant rosemary honey.
Pure Acacia Honey - Raw Honey
from France by Mas des Abeilles
A sweet golden honey with vanilla and floral notes.
Walnuts in Lemon Honey
from Spain by Mitica
A delicious and simple combination of meaty walnuts with golden lemon honey.
Flower Honey
from France by Apidis
A 100% natural golden honey from France, smooth and light and delicately flavored, in a large format for the best value and quality.
Bee Pollen - Granules
from United States by Bulkfoods
Full of mood-boosting vitamins and minerals, our bee pollen has a sweet flavor with subtle floral characteristics.
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Sunflower Honey - Raw Honey
from Italy by Mitica
Dense and creamy, this Sunflower honey boasts fruity notes of nectarine and plum.
Acacia Honey
from Italy by Mieli Thun
Gourmet Raw Acacia Honey by Italian beekeepers is extremely sweet and pure, and ideally compliments salty cheeses and meats.
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