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Frozen Fruit

Do you get that craving for a nice, healthy smoothie out of the blue? Or perhaps a delicious frozen strawberry or peach daiquiri? There's no need to rush to the store (or Central America)! We have delicious and nutritious high quality frozen fruit for sale that have been fast-frozen at the peak of freshness and are chock-full of flavor, nutrients, and color! Buy frozen fruit online today from Gourmet Food World.
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Apricot Halves, IQF, Frozen
from France by Ravifruit
Golden apricot halves carefully selected and frozen at their peak.
Cassis, IQF, Whole, Frozen
from France by Ravifruit
Delicious, and full of nutrients, frozen at their peak for year-round use.
Lemon Zest, Frozen
from France by Ravifruit
This handy frozen lemon zest is crunchier and has a more intense flavor.
Morello Whole Cherries - Pitted - IQF
from France by Ravifruit
Individually Quick Frozen Whole Morello Cherries with stones/pits removed have a high quality sour cherry taste, beautiful dark red color, and firm consistent texture.
Orange Zest, Frozen
from France by Ravifruit
Easy to use orange zest with crunchy texture, an intense color and a sharp taste.
Pineapple Compote with Vanilla and Coconut
from France by Ravifruit
Pineapple and exotic vanilla compote with coconut notes.
Rhubarb, IQF, Pieces, Frozen
from France by Ravifruit
The star of your Rhubarb Pie, vibrant, tart, frozen and ready to use .
Whole I.Q.F Chestnuts - Frozen
from France by Ravifruit
Plump, meaty and delicious chestnuts, individually quick frozen.
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