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Morello Whole Cherries - Pitted - IQF

Morello Whole Cherries - Pitted - IQF

from France by Ravifruit
2.2 lb chilled   $22.50

About Morello Whole Cherries - Pitted - IQF

These frozen Morello Cherries by Ravifruit are a culinary delight. They are already pitted, and frozen when fresh and at the peak of ripeness for their best flavor and most beautiful appearance. Morello Cherries are part of the sour cherry family, and have a bold tart, lightly sweet, flavor. They have a firm round shape, and dark crimson red to almost black color skin with complimentary dark flesh.

Use fresh frozen cherries in pie fillings, tarts, cakes, jam, fruit salad, and as a garnish on plated desserts. Sour Cherries can be cooked down into thick sauces and syrups, distilled into Kriek Lambics, mixed with liquors, or incorporated into puddings and mousses.

Ravifruit is a French company, and has been striving to design high-frozen fruits for pastry chefs since 1981. They are an official partner of the World Pastry Cup. At Ravifruit they know that growing conditions and locations heavily influence the quality of the crop harvest, and they strive to source fruits from the best terriors. Fresh fruits are Individually Quick Frozen for superior flavor, texture, color, appearance, and culinary uses.

Frozen Morello Cherries should be stored at -18°C, and used within three years of packaging. For best results, they should be defrosted slowly for approximately 12 hours in a refrigerator, but can be defrosted more quickly at room temperature if necessary. Once opened, they should be used within a few days of opening.

Ingredients: Pitted morello cherry
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Product Questions And Answers

Q: Are they sweet?
A: They are not sweet.


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