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Whole and Canned Fruit

Stock up on these gourmet food products for those winter months when fresh fruit is hard to find, and your baking will never suffer from the cold. Enjoy plump apricots, juicy apples, and a wide selection of pears, all canned. Select canned fruit in syrup, water, or liquor which are ready to be incorporated to your tarts, cobblers or pastries.
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Apricot Halves in Syrup
from Morocco by Brover
Plump and sweet apricot halves are perfect for tart and pastry fillings.
Griottines Cherries in Brandy
from France by Peureux
Macerated wild Morello cherries in kirsch liquor and brandy.
on sale
Mini Pears in Syrup
from Spain by Brover
Great for decorating, delicious and beautiful little pears in sugar syrup
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Pineapple Compote with Vanilla and Coconut
from France by Ravifruit
Pineapple and exotic vanilla compote with coconut notes.
Williams Pear Halves in Syrup
from France by Brover
Juicy, sweet Williams pear halves for baking and decorating desserts.
Mirabelle Plums in Syrup
Golden yellow, pitted Mirabelle sweet plums in syrup.
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