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Lime Zest, Frozen

Lime Zest, Frozen

from France by Ravifruit
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Lime Zest, Frozen

The easy road to dynamic marinades, doughs, cocktails, and more, Ravifruit’s frozen lime zest is the quick and convenient way to add that punch of fresh citrus to all your favorite dishes and drinks! Each 1.1-pound tub is filled to the brim with finely grated lime zest. Home to all the flavorful oils this zest packs a powerful punch when added to any recipe. With all the bright taste of fresh citrus and none of the bitter pith, Ravifruit's collection of frozen citrus zests are a good chef’s secret weapon and the delight of the gourmand’s discerning palate.

What is lime zest?

The zest of limes or any citrus fruit is the thin colorful skin on the outside of the fruit. Full of the natural oils of citrus the zest is flavorful and highly aromatic, adding a bright scent and a delicious zippy flavor to recipes. With its vivid coloring, lime zest also makes an excellent garnish for cakes, iced breads, cocktails, and more! The white skin which lies directly beneath the sliver of zest is bitter and should be avoided.

How to Use Frozen Lime Zest?

The frozen lime zest from Ravifruit is bursting with all the bright flavor and aroma of freshly zested lime. Flash frozen immediately after grating, all the flavors and bright tastes of the lime are locked in, allowing you to use your frozen lime zest in exactly the same way you’d use the freshly grated kind. The only real trick to keep in mind when using frozen zest is to overmeasure slightly. By adding a little extra you compensate for the microscopic ice crystals that gather on the small slivers. For example, if a recipe calls for 1 teaspoon of zest, measure out 1½ to ensure you’re getting all the flavor you expect.

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