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Bandaged Bismark

Bandaged Bismark

from United States by Crown Finish Caves
8 oz (cut portion) chilled $41.04 $20.52 5950105
1 lb (cut portion) chilled $41.04 $41.04 5950106
2 lbs (cut portion) chilled $41.04 $82.08 5950107
4.5 lbs (cut portion) chilled $41.04 $184.68 5950101
18 lbs (whole wheel) chilled $36.94 $664.92 5950103
9 lbs (cut portion) chilled $41.04 $369.36 5950102
2 whole wheels - 18 lbs ea chilled $36.94 $1329.84 5950104

Bandaged Bismark

This firm Vermont cheese aged in an old Brooklyn brewery is made from raw sheep’s milk, wrapped in smoked lard, and aged for 4 to 6 months, resulting in a caramel sweetness well matched to an earthy smokiness. It is often described as a hybrid of Cheddar and Pyrenees cheese, for its complex sweet, savory and yogurt-like flavors, with wonderful undertones of candied hazelnut.

Bandaged Bismark is on the sweeter side and is a lovely snack on its own, allowing you to explore all levels of its flavors without distraction. Tuck this Vermont cheddar into a fresh summer salad and include a glass of a bright, fruity red like a Red Zinfandel or Pinot Noir to further balance the smoky, meaty hints with the sweet.

This well traveled cheese starts its life in Vermont, but the sheep’s milk actually comes from Amish farmers in New York state. It is then wrapped in cloth and rubbed with smoked lard from Smoking Goose Meatery before being sent to Crowns Finish Caves where its layered and diverse flavors develop. It won 2nd place in its category at the 2017 American Cheese Society Conference.

Crown Finish Caves is a cheese-aging facility in Crown Heights, Brooklyn that uses caves originally designed for fermenting beer for the Nassau Brewery. The caves have an average year round natural temperature of 50 degree Fahrenheit, which creates a perfect environment for aging cheeses.

Ingredients: Thermized sheep's milk, cultures, rennet, salt.
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5950102 9 lbs (cut portion) 8.50 lbs. - 9.50 lbs. $41.04
5950104 2 whole wheels - 18 lbs ea 35.50 lbs. - 36.50 lbs. $36.94


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