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Goatlet Goat and Cow's Milk Cheese

from United States by Crown Finish Caves
12 lbs (whole wheel) chilled $31.74 $380.88 5948101
2 whole wheels - 12 lbs ea chilled $31.74 $761.76 5948102

Goatlet Goat and Cow's Milk Cheese

Goatlet strikes the perfect balance of goat’s milk and cow’s milk. 20% raw goat’s milk and 80% raw cow’s milk is the ideal ratio and gives this semi-firm cheese a delightful creamy, yogurt-like tang along with grassy and lemon undercurrents - creating overall notes of lemon cream pie. These complex flavors are obtained in the 4 to 6 months aging process that takes place at Crowns Finish Caves, a famous cheese aging facility located in Brooklyn.

Crowns Finish Caves sources Goatlet when young from famed Vermont creamery Consider Bardwell Farm. The masterful aging of this blended milk cheese results in a truly impactful flavor, and Goatlet was awarded 1st place in its category at the 2017 American Cheese Society conference.

This creamy cheese is tangy and bright, well-balanced and and is definitely best placed as a table cheese, picnic addition or an appetizer before dinner. Its notable presence is also welcome on any cheeseboard and works very nicely paired with a rich, oatmeal stout; particularly in the winter months.

30 feet below an assuming street in Brooklyn lies 28,000 pounds of great cheese and in this most unexpected of places you can find Crown Finish Caves, masterful affineurs. They’re located in the old fermenting tunnels underneath an old beer-brewing facility in Brooklyn, now been repurposed for aging cheese. Crowns Finish Caves receives young cheeses (usually around 1-week old) from 12 artisanal producers and expertly ages them until they are ready for release. Goatlet cheese is a fine example of their craft.

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