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Dried Prunes, with Pits (Jumbo)

Dried Prunes, with Pits (Jumbo)

from United States by Gourmet Imports
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Dried Prunes, with Pits (Jumbo)

Dried Prunes are purple/black large chewy wrinkled dried fruits with a sweet honey taste. Also known as Dried Plums, prunes are made by dehydrating fresh ripe plums. Plums are sweet tree fruits with thin skin, juicy meat, and a seed pit in the center similar to nectarines, peaches, and almonds. Though the seed in inside the pit can be eaten, it is difficult to access and not commonly consumed. However, if cooking dried prunes with pits, a subtle bitter almond flavor may be instilled in the dish.

Fresh plums are soft and juicy. Dried prunes are soft and chewy and can easily be stewed down into glazes, sauces, and compotes. Plums and prunes are enjoyed in Asian, Russian, European, North African, and Jewish cultures.

Dried pitted plums are easy to enjoy. They can be eaten whole for snacking, or cooked up in a variety of ways. In China, dried plum snacks are coated in flavors like ginseng, licorice, chili powder, and sea salt. For savory meals consider adding them to rice, couscous, or quinoa dishes for a touch of sweetness and interesting texture. Prunes compliment beef, pork, duck, and turkey as a marinade, glaze, stuffing, or garnish. Like all dried fruits, dried prunes are easily added to oatmeal, ice cream, sorbet, cakes, muffins, and pie fillings. A holiday favorite, fruit cake, requires dried prunes.

Prunes have a long shelf life if stored in an airtight container in a cool dry place.

Ingredients: Pitted prunes, sunflower oil, potassium sorbate.
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Product Reviews

5 out of 5 stars rating(5.00)2 ratings Log in to rate this item.
5 out of 5 stars ratingDec 09, 2021

They are delicious and I will order again. Thank you.

Jill from Larchmont, AL
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5 out of 5 stars ratingOct 21, 2021

Hard to find and very large prunes.Best from anywhere

william from bismarck, ND
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Product Questions And Answers

Q: I’m not sure what prune I’m looking for. In the 1950’s my Mom made what she called ‘stewed prunes’. She simmered prunes (with pits) and I loved them. Can you tell me what type of prune I need. I hope so.
A: Any type of dried prunes will work for stewed prunes. Most recipes call for pitted ones, but you can also use the whole prunes (with pits).

Q: How many prunes with pits are in a pound of prunes.
A: There are approximately 50 prunes per lb.

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