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Italian Linguine Pasta

Italian Linguine Pasta

from Italy by Felicetti
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Italian Linguine Pasta

With a surprisingly full-bodied flavor, its straightforward purity of taste and decidedly savory finish transforms Felicetti's Linguine into so much more than just another noodle. Known by some as: “the perfect pasta,” after years of refining their technique, Felicetti has managed to create a noodle that cooks perfectly every time. Preventing overcooking, sticking, and even the occasional boiling over: their delightful Italian Linguine pasta boils to perfection and retains its al dente bite for over an hour after cooking. Truly the full-proof noodle, you’ll love the results you get with Felicetti!

These long, flat ribbons of pasta are a classic addition to the Italian world of noodles. Similar to Fettuccine, yet slightly narrower, Linguine translates to “little tongues” and hails from the Liguria region of Italy. Situated along the coast, it is famous for its culinary history and delicious cooking. While the classic pairing for Linguine is a simple pesto sauce, that’s only the beginning of the delicious possibilities promised by this classic. Start with the herby paste and quickly move to oil or cream-based sauces, seafood, and even stir-fry. Infinitely versatile and always delicous, we know you'll love this Linguine as much as we do.

Felicetti pasta is considered by the experienced chef and the refined gourmand to be some of the best pasta in the world. Made from premium Italian grown durum wheat, Felicetti has worked hand-in-hand with local farms for generations to source their ingredients. Not only receiving an unparalleled quality of wheat but also the particular strains that work best for producing their gourmet pasta. For the very best noodles on the market, order Felicetti.

Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, water. May contain egg.
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