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Persille de Chevre
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Persille de Chevre

from France by Ferme de la Tremblaye
2.2 lbs piece chilled $35.35 $77.77 5947101
2 pieces - 2.2 lbs ea chilled $31.82 $140.01 5947102

Persille de Chevre

Delightful Persille de Chèvre is a fairly new, unique-tasting blue cheese blend made in a creamery only about an hour outside of Paris. It has a creamy texture and strikes a great balance between the intensity of the blue, the tanginess of the chevre, and its general creaminess. The sweet cream undertone and notes of earth and salt make this a versatile, crowd-pleasing cheese for a cheese board.

Persille de Chevre’s ash coated rind looks dry, but is actually lightly moist and protects a mellow paste streaked with lovely blue that is salty, sweet, and overall a little bit gamey with caramel notes and a peppery bite at the finish.

This complex cheese is sublime when paired with a fruity dry white wine like Savoy. You should serve with honey and walnut to create a fantastic balance between the sweet-tangy contrast of Persille de Chevre.

Our impressive Persille de Chèvre is one of about 30 cheeses produced by La Ferme de Tremblaye, which owns a herd of 100 milking cows and 700 Alpine goats and is located at the edge of the beautiful Rambouillet forest in France.

Ingredients: Pasteurized goat's milk, salt, starter cultures, animal rennet, vegetable ash (acidity regulation).
Storage: Keep refrigerated
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