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Essex Manchego - 6 Months
Essex Manchego - 6 Months Photo [1]Essex Manchego - 6 Months Photo [2]

Essex Manchego - 6 Months

from Spain by Finca Sierra de la Solana
6.5 lbs (whole wheel) chilled $31.65 $205.75
2 x 6.5 lbs (whole wheels) chilled $28.48 $370.25

Essex Manchego - 6 Months

Our Essex Manchego by Finca Sierra La Solana is one of the few farmstead (meaning the farm and the creamery are in the same place) Manchego cheeses produced in Spain. It boasts a toothsome, slightly granular texture with a meaty aroma and subtle notes of nutmeg and cinnamon. The sweet, earthy taste of sheep’s milk is offset by a gentle, warm spice, making this Spanish cheese stand out against other Manchegos you might have already tried.

Finca Sierra La Solana matures this tangy cheese for 6 months and leaves its rind un-waxed, which has tremendous impact on its flavor and texture. Without the artificial waxed ring, the cheese continues to breath naturally, and the natural rind in this case allows this Manchego to obtain a lovely, tender, crumble.

The unmistakable sweetness of the sheep’s milk and its long, savory finish pairs wonderfully with almonds and plums, and you can’t go wrong when serving this Manchego with classic Spanish hams like Iberico or Serrano. Wash that down with a full-bodied tannic red wine or a dry Sherry, and you’re onto a winner.

Our magnificent Essex Manchego is made with milk from the ewes residing on Finca Sierra La Solana’s farm in La Mancha. The traditional Spanish finca back to 1878.

Ingredients: Unpasteurized sheep's milk, annimal rennet, Lysozyme (from egg white), salt.
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