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from France by Saloirs de Louis
8 oz (cut portion) chilled $26.57 $13.28 5910905
1 lb (cut portion) chilled $26.57 $26.57 5910906
2 lbs (cut portion) chilled $26.57 $53.14 5910907
5 lbs (cut portion) chilled $26.57 $132.85 5910908
10 lbs (whole wheel) chilled $26.57 $265.70 5910903
2 x 10 lbs (whole wheels) chilled $23.91 $478.20 5910904


An ancient cheese made near its namesake rivers in the Basque region of France, Ossau-Iraty is a sheep’s milk cheese with a creamy and semi-firm texture. This coveted cheese is beloved for its rich nutty flavor filled with notes of hazelnut, fresh grass and wildflowers. Made from the milk of Pyrenees sheep, Ossau-Iraty has been made for 3000 years, and is one of the only two sheep’s milk cheeses to earn the coveted AOC status (the other one is Roquefort).

Each wheel of this wonderful sheep’s milk cheese is aged for at least 80 days in wooden cellars and remains under constant supervision and care for the duration of the aging process. Each wheel is scrubbed, sometimes daily, in order to encourage the growth of flora that makes up the crust. The result of this care is a delectable cheese with an oily texture that has the perfect amount of acid.

As special as Ossau-Iraty is, it’s superbly versatile and could be considered an every day, table cheese. It’s perfect for any cheeseboard and can be paired with a variety of breads, jams, or honey. Slice it and put it on a sandwich or combine it with apple slices for a great afternoon snack. This cheese pairs well with a Pinot Gris or a Merlot. You can also double down on the Basque products and combine this great cheese with wine from the Irouleguy region.

Ingredients: Pasteurized sheep's milk, salt, rennet, calcium chloride, lactic ferments.
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Product Questions And Answers

Q: Ingredient List, Age, Please, and Region?
A: The ingredients are: sheeps's milk, rennet, lactic starters. The cheese is original from the Western Pyrenes from France and it is aged for a minimum 3 months.

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5910905 8 oz (cut portion) 0.45 lbs. - 0.55 lbs. $26.57
5910906 1 lb (cut portion) 0.90 lbs. - 1.10 lbs. $26.57
5910907 2 lbs (cut portion) 1.80 lbs. - 2.20 lbs. $26.57
5910908 5 lbs (cut portion) 4.50 lbs. - 5.50 lbs. $26.57
5910903 10 lbs (whole wheel) 9.00 lbs. - 11.00 lbs. $26.57
5910904 2 x 10 lbs (whole wheels) 18.50 lbs. - 21.50 lbs. $23.91


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