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Acacia Honey

Italian Acacia Honey

from Italy by Mieli Thun
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Italian Acacia Honey

Acacia honey is one of the sweetest of the mono-floral honeys, with a high fructose content. It has a pure sweet taste that blends perfectly with delicate flavors in tea, cheese, and salads. It is a wonderful natural sweetener that will not alter the taste of your dishes. It compliments goat cheeses, blue cheeses, apples, nuts and ham particularly well. Consider Acacia honey, walnuts, and and chestnuts blended together in cookies, salads, or yogurt.

This Gourmet Honey is made in Italy by Andrea Paternoster, founder of Mieli Thun, at his beekeeping facility in Ton, a commune in the Trentino-Alto region of Northern Italy. Andrea is a nomadic beekeeper, traveling with his bees using the techniques of pastoral apiculture to harvest the highest quality mono-floral honeys. Mieli Thun honey is raw honey, in that it has not been pasteurized or over heated and no additional flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives have been added.

Enjoy Mieli Thun Acacia Honey in all your traditional dishes, or explore the innovative side of cooking by experimenting with unique flavor combinations.

Honey has a long and stable shelf life, easily preserving taste and aroma for years if stored properly in a sealed container.

Ingredients: Acacia honey.
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