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Ameribella Raw Milk Cheese
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Ameribella Raw Milk Cheese

from United States by Jacobs and Brichford
2.5 lbs (whole piece) chilled $39.06 $97.65
8 x 2.5 lbs (whole pieces) chilled $35.15 $703.00

Ameribella Raw Milk Cheese

Ameribella is a semi-soft artisan cheese made by Jacobs & Brichford in Indiana, inspired by cheeses found in Northern Italy. This cheese is brick-shaped and has a pungent aroma that will remind you of yeasty bread. Ameribella is savory, meaty, and earthy, with salty notes that are a bit mustardy. The washed, orange-brown rind covers a pale, yellow, and creamy center. With time, the flavor will sweeten and the body will smooth out, but the cheese never loses its earthiness.

Ameribella is always aged for a minimum of 60 days in a cool room. Each brick is wiped with a brine solution for the first 45 days, and then wrapped in cheese papers to be flipped for the next fifteen days. Though the cheesemakers say the bricks that are aged a bit longer tend to taste better, there is a high demand for this Good Food Award winning cheese, so they have a little trouble keeping it around long enough to age!

To get the full flavor, try Ameribella on its own at first, and then work towards pairing it with bread or any of our wonderful selection of charcuterie. Pears and cucumbers go well with this complex cheese, or add a small amount into a cheesy dish like macaroni and cheese or a variety of rice dishes to create some deep, complex flavors. Every cook can come up with some wild ideas for this cheese.

Jacobs & Brichford is based in Southeastern Indiana in the Whitewater Valley, and their farm has been in the family since 1819. Their wonderful cheeses are produced by their own grass-fed cows that roam freely in the pastures around the farm. This cheese company operates seasonally as their cows are only milked according to nature’s rhythm.

Ingredients: Raw's milk from 100% grass fed cows, salt, cultures, rennet.
Storage: Keep refrigerated
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
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