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Grape Must Mustard - Whole Grain

Grape Must Mustard - Whole Grain

from France by Maison de Choix
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Grape Must Mustard - Whole Grain

Whole grain mustard with grape must has traditional roots in France, particularly in Limousin a region in South-Central France. The grape must (unfermented grape juice) gives it a slightly purple hue and fruity sweetness absent in most mustards. his sweet balance elevates the spiciness of the mustard seeds and creates a hauntingly delicious yet delicate and soft flavored spread.

Also known as violet mustard or Bordeaux mustard, mustard made with grape must was popular during the late 1800s and early 1900s, but declined in interest after World War I. Luckily, interest has been revived, and now chefs and mustard aficionados are once again reaching for this fruity sweet, complex mustard.

For traditional meals, pair moutarde violette with miche (sliced steam bread and boiled beef), sausages, ham, or pâté. But if it is a more modern spin you’re looking for, grape must mustard is a perfect compliment to pork ribs, vinaigrettes for fresh salads, hard cheeses, semi-aged goat cheese, or smoked turkey.

This grape must mustard was produced in France and brought to the United States by Maison de Choix, finding the highest quality ingredients since 1958.

Ingredients: Grape must (43%), mustard seeds, water, vinegar, salt, spices, coloring agent: anthocyanins, sugar, preservative: sodium bisulfite.
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Product Questions And Answers

Q: Does this need to be refrigerated
A: Yes, this product is best if kept refrigerated.

Q: Hi there, The product description says "grape must mustard" but the photo of the item just says "grape must." Is the product grape must mustard? Or is it pure grape must? Thanks so much for your help! Joe
A: This is a Grape Must Mustard (Grape must  - 43%).


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