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Emperior Sevruga Caviar - Malossol, Farm Raised

Emperior Sevruga Caviar - Malossol

from United States by Emperior
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Emperior Sevruga Caviar - Malossol


The boldest of the three classic Russian caviars, Sevruga offers complex earthy notes of flavor that open up with a briny finish and linger on the palate. Sevruga has fine grains, firm and well-formed; they offer a slightly crunchy texture and distinguished ‘pop’ on the tongue. Slate-grey to black in color, this striking caviar offers a bold look, making it an ideal addition to any table.

How to Serve Sevruga Caviar

While being the smallest of the Sturgeon roes, Sevruga offers the biggest flavor making it a fan favorite among both seasoned caviar connoisseurs and the newly initiated. Delightful served alone or accompanied by the traditional hard-boiled egg, toast points, and creme fraiche, Sevruga should be enjoyed with minimal accompaniments and never served alongside foods with bold or aromatic flavor profiles. Keeping your accouterments simple allows the delicate flavor of the caviar to shine its brightest. In terms of drink pairings, you can’t go wrong with good brut champagne, or in the classic Russian tradition a glass of ice-cold vodka.

Ingredients: Sevruga roe, salt.
Storage: 29 - 32 F
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