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Traditional Spanish Sardines in Olive Oil

Traditional Spanish Sardines in Olive Oil

from Spain by Ortiz
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Traditional Spanish Sardines in Olive Oil

Ortiz prides itself on using classic methods to create their standout Spanish sardines. Cleaned individually by hand and then fried in olive oil, they offer a delicate texture and delicious full-bodied flavor. Like a fine wine, these traditional Spanish sardines get better with age. Keep them for years in your pantry, knowing that every time you taste one, it will be better than the last.

While there’s no end of culinary applications for these delightful canned sardines, some of our favorite ways to enjoy them are alongside Sardinian cheeses. Briny, smoky Fiore Sardo or the peppery and bright Pantaleo Sardo make excellent choices. The ideal topping for salads, tapas, canapes, and pizzas, enjoy these plump fish alongside many varied dishes.

As healthy as they are tasty, Sardines are one of the best choices for the health-conscious gourmand. The nutritional benefits of canned sardines cannot be understated. The calcium-rich bones of the fish dissolve during the canning process, leaving all that calcium available to your body. Loaded with valuable minerals, omega 3s, and oleic acid from olive oil, adding them to your dishes not only improves the taste but also the nutritional value.

Ingredients: Sardines, olive oil and sea salt.
Storage: Once opened, for full flavor, keep the sardines refrigerated and submerged in olive oil and consume within 2 days.
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.
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