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Quail, Plantation, Semi-boneless

Semi-Boneless Quail, Plantation

from United States by Broadleaf
4 quails, 3-4 oz ea frozen $2.88 $25.88
9 x 4 quails, 3-4 oz ea frozen $21.50 $193.50

Semi-Boneless Quail, Plantation

Quail is a word that instantly brings to mind the elegance of the English countryside, hunting trips, plaid and fancy dinners. While there is a fuss factor to bone-in quail, the beauty of semi-boneless quail is that most of the work has been done for you. This is the typical European presentation for quail – all the bones in the torso removed so you don’t have to work at picking them out, and the legs and wing bones left for beautiful presentation.

Cook quail at home like you would any other poultry or bird: roasted quail recipes are by far the most common and really makes the bird stand out. You can bake it en croute, sear it, throw in on the smoker, grill it or even fry it, for different and delicious results. Quail tends to dry out, since it’s small and lean, so it’s best to cook it quickly, or add a marinade or sauce to add moistness. You can make so many different types of recipes with quail, and pair with simple flavors like fresh rosemary, rub it with intense mustard, use a sweet-sour sauce, a balsamic glaze, and so much more.

We source our semi-boneless quail from Plantation Quail. Established in Georgia in 1983, this company supervises all stages of production from egg to package, providing optimum conditions for all their birds, and using no artificial ingredients. On-site veterinarians provide hands-on care, while inspectors from the Georgia Department of Agriculture scrutinize the products to ensure they meet the highest quality standards.

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Product Questions And Answers

Q: Which bones are removed and what bones remain in the bird?
A: Only the wings and thigh bones are left on the Quail. All others are removes.


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