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Pork Queen Salami

Pork Queen Salami

from United States by Red Table
6 pieces - 1.5 lbs ea chilled $39.20 $35.28 $352.80 $317.52

Pork Queen Salami

A delicious Italian-inspired salami made with pork seasoned with black pepper, garlic and white wine. Pork Queen Salami is a Crespone-style salami from Northeast Minneapolis perfectly seasoned with black pepper, garlic and white wine. Its wonderfully balanced seasoning is kept minimal as Red Table celebrates the quality of the product and uses the seasoning simply to augment the succulent meat.

Red Table grinds down high-quality pork and seasons it before stuffing into a pork middle casing, which provokes a mushroom-like funk after it is dry-cured and aged for 2 months. All of Red Table’s products are thoughtfully crafted and founder, Mike Phillips, is passionately committed to local, sustainably raised hogs from small farms that care deeply about animal welfare.

Our tantalizing Pork Queen Salami is superb whichever way it is served: there is the obvious choice of preparing a charcuterie with this salami as a main feature, add some mini gherkins for an acidic crunch. You can enjoy it sliced onto a fresh baguette, layered over pizza as an extra topping, or part of an antipasto platter with some fresh fruit and a sharp cheese.

Ingredients: Pork, salt, sugar, black pepper, white wine, garlic, potassium nitrate, lactic acid starter culture.
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