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Red Table Meat Co.

Working with only a handful of small, sustainable farms in Northeast Minneapolis Red Table Meat Co. produces thoughtfully crafted charcuterie with unmatched freshness and exceptional quality. Their mild, flavorful and mouthwatering salumi is a cult item, and a cut above the rest. Their commitment to sourcing their meat from just a few, handpicked farms means they have close control of the rearing, and they ensure the careful finishing of the animals on with a diet of rich grain and nuts producing a succulent, buttery meat, which in turns makes for out-of-this-world salami. Their selection is thoughtfully crafted and the flavor nothing short of revolutionary.
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Boldog - Paprika Salami
from United States by Red Table
A delicious Hungarian-style salami made with pork and paprika, with a buttery texture and a lingering sweet and mildly spicy taste.
Chet's - Spicy Fennel and Garlic Salami
from United States by Red Table
A spicy Italian-style salami seasoned with fennel and garlic, studded chunky pieces of buttery fat.
Chuck Fred - Smoky Spiced Salami
from United States by Red Table
Nutmeg and allspice give this aged pork salami mildly smoky, spiced flavor profile that's very unique.
Salbando - Hot Salami
from United States by Red Table
Hot, hot, hot! This heritage pork Soppressata-style salami with red and black pepper brings the heat to the meat platter.
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The Vecchio Salami
from United States by Red Table
A classic! Dry-cured salami made with buttery heritage locally-sourced pork and simply seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic.
Coppa - Dry Cured Pork Shoulder
from United States by Red Table
Salami Francois
from United States by Red Table
A delicate, subtly perfumed pork salami flavored with white white, the Francois is perfect for the meat platter.
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