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How to serve foie gras

by Gourmet Food World


Well, fortunately, there is no one "right" way to serve foie gras. Every foie gras recipe (and there are thousands!) will require different ways to serve the dish. You wouldn’t serve a foie gras mousse the same way you would a cooked lobe of foie gras, would you? They’re two completely different things, with different flavors and textures, one is cold, the other one hot, well, they will need different treatments and you will need to serve each in a different manner.


Even though foie gras is considered a gourmet delicacy, a luxury dish, it is also a dish that is more often than not best at it’s basic, without too much fanfare and without anything that distracts from the delicious flavor and texture of the liver itself. So, more often than not, there’s no great mystery or intricacy on how to serve foie gras. You’ll see foie gras when served by itself in a deceptively un-glamourous manner; a medallion of foie gras is usually small and plated with a sauce of the chef’s choosing, and a small side dish that will complement but not overwhelm the main event, the foie gras itself. This lets you enjoy all the nuances and delicacy of the liver without any distractions; after all, you’re paying a fortune for the foie gras, not the sauce!


Any prepared foie gras products like mousses or terrines are items that are typically served sliced on bread or toast, very much a simple country meal. Note that this type of foie gras tastes better chilled. Take it out of the fridge about 30 minutes before your guests arrive so it’s not too cold, and also so you can cut it more easily. Foie gras is delicious, yes, but it’s also very rich, so a slice per person is more than plenty, and the slice should not be too thick (this also depends if you’re serving another dish, or if you’re not sure if your guests will like it!). Slice it with a warm butter knife (run the knife under hot water for a minute, then dry it). Place the slice of foie gras over a piece of hearty French bread or toast, and you’re done! Maybe add some mustard and cornichons, or chutney. There are no rules on how to serve foie gras, but we would like to make one: if you’re going to serve foie gras, keep it simple, and less is more!


The answer most people will give you is: Sauternes. This is the classic wine pairing for foie gras, the sweet white wine matching beautifully to the smooth flavor of the foie gras. Champagne is also a classic. A very big, bold, full-fodied red wine will probably overwhelm it. However, we feel the best pairing is YOUR favorite wine! Try it with foie gras, and see if the flavors match or clash, and experiment until you find your favorite combination.

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