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Tender and flavorful with the versatility of chicken, rabbit meat is a great alternative protein source. Easy to prepare and quick to cook, rabbit absorbs seasonings beautifully, and its delicate profile lends itself well to a wide range of flavors. Our excellent selection of rabbit includes everything from saddles and legs to whole fryers and so much more! Discover your new favorite meat right here at Gourmet Food Store when you order any of our premium cuts of rabbit.
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Rabbit, Whole, Domestic Fryers
from United States by Pel-Freez
A small, tender. and lean whole rabbit raised without antibiotics or additives, perfect for frying or roasting.
Rabbit Hind Legs, Bone-in
from United States by Pel-Freez
Lean, tender little rabbit hind legs are perfect for slow braises until the meat falls of the bone and great grilling.
Rabbit Saddles, Boneless
from United States by Pel-Freez
Tender and mild boneless rabbit saddles are ready to be rolled or stuffed with your favorite ingredient.
Rabbit Saddles, Bone-in
from United States by Pel-Freez
Tender, mild and lean rabbit saddles are perfect for slow braises, and stuffing with bacon and pancetta. Yum!
Rabbit with White Wine Sausage
from United States by Chateau Royal
Rabbit Strip Loin, Boneless
from United States by Pel-Freez
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What Does Rabbit Taste Like

For those who have never made any culinary forays into the world of rabbit, you may be wondering what this alternative meat source tastes like. More flavorful than chicken, rabbit boasts a singularly delicious savory flavor that is at once both meatier yet more tender than most foods. Nutrient-dense, this high-quality protein is rich in omega-3s, vitamin B12, and a handful of essential minerals necessary for a wholesome and well-varied diet. Healthy, sustainable, and best of all delicious, you can’t go wrong with our tempting selection of rabbit meat.

How to Cook Rabbit

Tender, lean, and delicately flavored rabbit meat has long been popular in European kitchens but has only recently gained momentum on American menus. While rabbit is a versatile meat often compared to that mainstay of the kitchen, chicken rabbit is considerably leaner and must be prepared in a slightly different manner. The slower you cook rabbit meat, the better it will be, retaining more moisture and flavor. Trying to cook it like chicken will only end in disaster as high heat and quick cooking will render your rabbit tough and dry. Only the back legs can stand those methods of preparation, so be sure to adjust accordingly. If your heart is set on quick-cooking, be sure to give your rabbit some protection by wrapping it in something fatty, like strips of bacon or prosciutto. Unsure what flavors to pair with your rabbit meat? As the old adage goes, "take the animal back to its feed," and that couldn’t be more true than when preparing this flavorful meat. Carrots are one of our favorite pairings, their natural sweetness highlights and enhances the rabbits'.

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