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La Quercia Meats

An artisan family-owned and run company, La Quercia - Italian for Oak tree, the state tree of Iowa - crafts Italian-style artisan cured meats and salami right in Iowa. Following Italian techniques from Parma and sourcing their meats from local farmers committed to humane, sustainable and antibiotic-free practices, Herb and Kathy Eckhouse manage to deliver some of the best Prosciutto and cured meats available in the market today.
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Nduja- Spicy Prosciutto Spread
from United States by La Quercia
A spicy, unique spread made of flavorful prosciutto ham and red chilli pepper- perfect to spread on toast, crackers or even pizza, or to use in sauces.
Guanciale Americano
from United States by La Quercia
A succulent, silky-smooth and beautifully marbled pork jowl cured with rosemary.
Smoked Tamworth Pancetta
from United States by La Quercia
The perfect combination of smoky, meaty, sweet and succulent, La Quercia’s Smoked Tamworth Pancetta is pure porky beauty. 
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Speck Americano Whole
from United States by La Quercia
Tamworth Prosciutto Whole
from United States by La Quercia