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Smoking Goose Meats

Smoking Goose is a smokehouse and "meat locker" located in Indiana, with a commitment to old craft with new world flavor. They specialize in top-quality, slow cured and smoked meats that follow European charcuterie traditions, but with new, unexpected flavor combinations that are decidedly all-American. Winner of numerous awards, including a prestigious 2015 Good Food Award. Located smack dab in the midwest, they partner with local, small family farms in the area that raise and slaughter their animals humanely, and who commit to supplying animals that are 100% vegetarian fed, antibiotic-free with no growth hormones.
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Gin and Juice Salame
from United States by Smoking Goose
A zesty lamb and pork salame mixed with crushed juniper berries and zesty lemon peel, perfect with a charcuterie board or a cocktail.
Stagberry Salame
from United States by Smoking Goose
An all-natural salame crafted in a small Indiana smokehouse, made of Elk, pork and organic blueberries macerated in mead honey wine.
Dodge City Salami
from United States by Smoking Goose
A bold pork salami made with fennel pollen and pink peppercorns, with a rich pork flavor and notes of anise. 
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Duck Magret Prosciutto - Dried, Uncured
from United States by Smoking Goose
An intense, aromatic and silky air-cured duck breast, this duck prosciutto is perfect to slice thinly and enjoy in a charcuterie platter.
Lomo - Pork Loin
from United States by Smoking Goose
Capocollo di Dorman - Pork Collar Salame
from United States by Smoking Goose
An Italian-style salame seasoned with white wine and paprika, this mildly spicy salami is made with locally-sourced heritage pork meat. 
South Cider Salame
from United States by Smoking Goose
A unique, delicious seasonal slow-cured sausage made of smoked goose, local apple cider and locally-sourced Indiana persimmons.
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