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Stagberry Salame

Stagberry Salame

from United States by Smoking Goose
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Stagberry Salame

Salami like you've never tasted before! Smoking Goose's Stagberry Salame is made of robust elk meat, pork, and studded with sweet dried blueberries that have been marinated in New Day Craft's Brewery sweet Dry Mead. The flavorful and lean elk meets its match in this artisanal salami, with pork added for texture and fat, and - here the the folks at Smoking Goose decided to take this salami to the next level  - organic blueberries macerated in delicious New Day Craft's Mead, an all-natural, unique wine made of fermented honey from a local Indiana brewery. The result? A hunter's style cured sausage that's sweet and hearty, intense and uniquely flavored, unlike any classic salame. Take on hiking trips for a succulent bite on the trail, or just slice into chunky slices and pair with a good American cheese like cheddar and a glass of full-bodied red wine for a mouthwatering snack or starter.

Smoking Goose is a smokehouse and ""meat locker"" located in Indiana, with a commitment to old craft with new world flavor. They specialize in top-quality, slow cured and smoked meats that follow European charcuterie traditions, but with new, unexpected flavor combinations that are decidedly all-American. Winner of numerous awards, including a prestigious 2015 Good Food Award. Located smack dab in the midwest, they partner with local, small family farms in the area that raise and slaughter their animals humanely, and who commit to supplying animals that are 100% vegetarian fed, antibiotic free with no growth hormones.

Ingredients: Elk shoulder, pork shoulder, pork fat, dry mead (honey wine), spices (sea salt, dried blueberries, garlic, dextrose, black pepper, honey), water, vegetable powder (celery juice, sea salt), lactic acid starter culture, natural beef casings.
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Product Questions And Answers

Q: do you peel the outside of the Salami before eating
A: Yes. Please peel the outside sausage wrap before consuming.


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