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Guanciale -  Pork Jowl

Guanciale - Pork Jowl

from United States by Smoking Goose
8 pieces - 1.5 lbs ea chilled $25.92 $311.04

Guanciale - Pork Jowl

Guanciale or Pork Jowl is the muscle that covers the cheeks of a pig and stretches down into the upper neck. Basically, this is a fattier, tastier version of traditional bacon not often seen in the United States. They’ve been enjoying it in Italy for centuries, and you should too! Pork aficionados swear by the fatty flavors in Guanciale, and we’ll testify that once you try it, you may never go back to regular bacon.

Our Pork Jowl by Smoking Goose is cured with sea salt, maple sugar, and brown sugar and then coated with black pepper and coriander. After the seasoning sets in, Smoking Goose smokes the jowl bacon with applewood. As Indianapolis’ premier meat provider, Smoking Goose only works with small farms who use no growth hormones or gestation pens.

Guanciale can be used in any dish as a replacement for traditional bacon for a richer, fattier flavor. However, it does have some specific uses as well. Traditionally, Italians have used Guanciale in what is one of the most famous pasta dishes in Italy: Spaghetti alla Carbonara. Be sure to use one of our Italian olive oils when you tackle this classic dish. Upgrade your BLT sandwich with this jowl bacon as well, or try adding it to any potato salad recipe with a little sherry wine vinegar to add some crisp and tanginess into your mix. It’s also an essential component to the greatest shrimp and grits you’ve ever tasted.

Ingredients: Pork jowls, sea salt, brown sugar, spices (garlic, juniper berries, black pepper, bay leaves, nutmeg), red wine, vegetable powder (celery juice, sea salt).
Storage: Keep refrigerated.
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