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Rillettes De Canard - Duck Meat Pate

Duck Meat Pate - Rillettes De Canard

from Canada by Rougie
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Duck Meat Pate - Rillettes De Canard

Shredded duck meat cooked in duck fat? Yes, please! Our Rillettes De Canard by Rougié make other rillettes seem bland and flavorless. That’s because they’re made with low quality fowl. Rougié only uses Moulard ducks that have a genetic predisposition towards hand feeding. That’s what makes them the perfect candidates for tasty foie gras, pâtés and rillettes. Superior ducks means superior meat, and that means superior flavor!

Farmers raise Rougié Moulard ducks free-range for 12 weeks and hand-feed each duck individually 2 meals a day for 10-11 days. All the feed used is locally grown and contain no hormones or antibiotics. The ducks used in their delicious rillettes are of the highest quality and that gives them their wonderful flavor.

Rillettes are the perfect appetizer for any dinner gathering and also fit well on a tray display for larger parties. It tastes great on toasted baguette bread or water crackers, and pickles compliment rillettes very well. They’re a French invention, so pair rillettes with Pinot Noir which has enough acid to cut through the duck fat.

Rougié began in France in 1875 when Léonce Rougié opened a gourmet shop in Cahors. His son Jean brought the company to international fame in the 1950s. Now, Rougié is sold and served in over 100 countries and heralded by international gourmet chefs. Their operations in Canada act as a staging point to provide their wonderful duck products to the U.S. including our Duck Meat Pate - Rillettes De Canard.

Ingredients: Duck, white wine (white wine, salt, pepper, sulfites), water, toasted wheat crumbs, onions, salt, spices, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite.
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