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Tommede Rabelais

Tomme Rabelais

from France by Rodolphe Le Meunier
8 oz (cut portion) chilled $18.51 $9.26 5941801
3 lbs (cut portion) chilled $18.51 $55.53 5941802
8.5 lbs (cut portion) chilled $18.51 $157.34 5941803
17 lbs (whole wheel) chilled $18.51 $314.67 5941805
2 x 17 lbs (whole wheels) chilled $16.65 $566.10 5941804

Tomme Rabelais

Tomme de Rebelais is a French cheese created by master affineur Rodolphe de Meunier. It’s a classic mountain cheese with a thick, rustic brown rind that encases a dense, fudgy paste that feels like velvet on the tongue. It’s a semi-firm cow’s milk cheese with a good amount of small eyes, with a flavor that’s intense near the rind and gets sweeter and milkier at the center.

Rabelais is a rich, deep cheese that works well on a cheese board as a semi-firm option, and it pairs very nicely with cured and smoked meats, so it’s a good option to create a great meat-and-cheese board to serve with beer and red wine.

One of France's most famous affieneurs - cheese finishers - Rodolphe Le Meunier come from three generations of cheese producers from La Croix-en-Touraine. His expertise has earned him both the coveted title of Best Cheesemonger in France and the title of world's best cheesemaker. He artfully crafts delicious cheeses and a fabulous French butter, Beurre de Barratte, in his creamery in the Loire where he has seven caves for aging cheese.

Ingredients: Pasteurized cow milk, lactic starter, rennet, salt
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