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Redfish Fillet, Skin On

Redfish Fillet, Skin On

from United States
2.5 lb fillet chilled $46.62 $116.55 4802101
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Redfish Fillet, Skin On

This versatile fish known as Red Drum or spottail sea bass, is a mild, sweetly flavored fish with a firm texture. It was made popular back in the 1980s when Chef Paul Proudhomme started serving his Cajun-style Blackened redfish, which became an instant hit. The fish’s mild flavor made it wildly popular, which led to overfishing which means today most redfish comes from inland farms.

Serve redfish with your favorite recipe. It’s just as suitable for baking, pan-frying as it is for grilling. The most popular way to cook red drum is perhaps in the its most famous rendition, seasoned with spicy Cajun spices and blackened. You can also make mouthwatering redfish tacos or really any fish recipe. Redfish has a medium-large flake and a robust texture that can withstand almost any cooking method.

Our Redfish comes from Copper Shoals Farms in Texas, where its raised in natural ponds of waters fed by a saline aquifer and the Texas bay system, with room to swim, fed a nourishing diet and carefully monitored every step of the way.

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