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Spanish Anchovies in Olive Oil

Spanish Anchovies in Olive Oil

from Spain by Ortiz
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Spanish Anchovies in Olive Oil


The anchovies produced by Ortiz are carefully prepared and filleted individually. Caught during the Spring season and processed immediately to preserve their authentic taste and tender texture. Salt-cured for a minimum of six months; once they’ve fully matured, they are hand filleted and packed in olive oil. Thanks to this traditional preparation, you can enjoy a premium andchovy complete with rich flavor and a compact firm flesh.

Ortiz has been celebrated for the high quality and stand-out flavor of its seafood conservas. Master fish processors they begin all their products with the freshest, best tasting seafood. Enhancing the already delicious fish with spices, herbs, and oils to create convenient and tasty pantry staples.

One of the most versatile fish in the kitchen, add these savory anchovies to pastas, top pizzas, and tarts, or incorporate them into sauces where they quickly dissolve, adding a delicious umami flavor. To store these delightful anchovies once opened, keep them in the refrigerator submerged in oil. By keeping them properly, you’ll be able to extend their shelf life for up to five days, though we doubt they’ll last that long.

Ingredients: Anchovies, olive oil, salt
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