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Reasons To Love Truffle Oil (And Truffle Oil Recipes)

by Gourmet Food World
Truffle Oil Guide

Some culinary ingredients have the ability to pack amazingly complex, sophisticated flavor with just the lightest of touches. This is an homage to our beloved, dish-enhacing, culinary savior: truffle oil!

A study in delicious contrast: black truffle oil and white truffle oil.

If you’re reading this blog, you most likely need no introduction to the world of truffles. However, a bit of a refresher: truffles are mushrooms that grow under the soil by oak (and other) trees, harvested by super-smelling dogs every winter in Italy and France.

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The two main species of truffles are white and black, each with their own distinct and delicious flavor profile. Because truffles cannot be “planted”, but grow as and where they wish, they’re highly coveted, hard to find, and can be extremely pricey. Which leads us to...

Top 5 Reasons Why We Love Truffle Oil!

1. It’s Wallet Friendly

Truffle oils are usually a combination of high-quality extra virgin olive with either truffle extract or aroma. This translates into a lot of truffle flavor and aroma, at a highly discounted price.

2. A Little Goes A Long Way

Think of truffle oil as the spritz of perfume you put on as you leave the house. Just a few drops of truffle oil concentrate, or the lightest drizzle of truffle oil over a salad, omelet or pasta dish is enough to transform a dish from drab to fab. Which leads us to reason number 3…

3. It’s Simple In Its Complexity

Truffle oil is not a complicated ingredient; it’s actually one of the easiest things you can use in the kitchen! You add it to the finishing of a dish, so there’s no cooking or even preparation involved. Just uncap the bottle, drizzle and done! But don’t be misled, the flavor and smell it imparts to the dish is heady, complex, earthy and superbly aromatic, anything BUT simple!

4. It’s Oh-So Versatile

Some ingredients and seasonings gather dust in our shelves, used only for rare-occasion recipes. Truffle oil, on the other hand, you can use on almost anything! Really, if you love the taste of truffles, oil is a great conduit to add flavor to your dishes. One easy rule to remember is that it goes great with white foods: pasta, rice, eggs and potatoes. Of course, truffle oil is also fabulous with salads, meats, game and stews, so never mind the rules! Do try: drizzling it on mashed potatoes, omelets and a plate of pasta with grated Parmigiano Romano cheese.

5. It’s Culinary Inspiration!

Truffle oil might be simple to use, but it inspires amazing recipes. Our search for the ultimate truffle oil recipe led us to the Land Down Under, Sydney, Australia. Our featured recipe this week is by Aussie blogger, Phoodie, of Her Spaghetti with Truffle Oil , Parmesan and Egg recipe was an instant winner with us. All the ingredients are perfect to translate and transport the flavor of the truffle oil, from the al-dente pasta, to the creamy cheese, and the perfectly-cooked sunny-side-up egg. The presentation is sophisticated, the flavor divine, and the dish, in one word, brilliant! We give you Phoodie’s full recipe below, and make sure to visit her website for other great recipes and culinary ideas.

Truffle Risotto Recipe

Truffle Risotto Recipe

Creamy risotto is paired with aromatic truffle oil and topped with crunchy Parmigiano "crackers" in this elegant and delicious recipe that works just as well as a weeknight dinner or when you have guests over.
Grilled Truffle Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Grilled Truffle Cheese Sandwich Recipe

This super simple twist on the classic grilled cheese takes it straight from the kid’s menu to the gourmand’s favorite list.
Prosciutto and Truffle Thin Crust Pizza

Prosciutto and Truffle Thin Crust Pizza

The taste of truffles and prosciutto marry perfectly on this thin crust pizza.
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