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Bijou Aged

Bijou Aged

from United States by Vermont Creamery
15 pieces - 2 oz each chilled $92.62 $92.62 5939401
2 cases - 15 pieces per case - 2 oz each chilled $83.35 $166.70 5939402

Bijou Aged

Fancy a traditional French-style goat's milk cheese with a Vermont twist? "Bijou" is French for jewel, and each of these 2-ounce crottins is a gem-like miniature masterpiece in American cheesemaking.

The story of these jewels starts with fresh pasteurized goats' milk, sourced from local family farms and refined into curd overnight. This curd is drained in a cleesecoth that acts as a "micro-cave" conducive to maturation, and then shaped into delightful cylinders. These crottins are dried and aged for one week, creating a geotrichum-rinded cheese ripe with sweet, yeasty flavor. Over time, Bijou's rind turns wrinklier and its profile sharper and nuttier: a jewel that's made for the tastebuds!

Bijou pairs excellently with French bread, salads and strong Belgian ales. On a cheeseboard, roasted hazelnuts will add a welcoming woodsy crunch to the softness of the cheese, while cranberries, blackberries or Granny Smith apples can balance the paste with refreshing tartness.

This cheese was created by Vermont Creamery. Cheesemakers Allison Hooper and Bob Reese started their business with a fresh chevre and haven't stopped expanding since. With more than 100 national and international awards under their belt, they offer some of the most prestigious and beloved cheeses in America, perfect for home cooks and professional chefs alike.

Ingredients: Pasteurized cultured goats' milk, salt, enzymes.
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