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Anise Seeds (Not Star)

Anise Seeds (Not Star)

from Turkey by Gourmet Imports
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Anise Seeds (Not Star)

Whole Anise Seeds, or Aniseeds, are small oval-shaped cream-colored seeds with light grey stripes running vertically along the sides. Grown in Turkey, the Aniseed Spice has a pleasant flavor similar to licorice and fennel. It is sweet, aromatic, and sometimes pungent, with notes of spice.

Whole aniseeds can be used in soups, stews, and hearty breads like Rye Bread. Or for a fresh ground anise powder, crush seeds in a mortar and pestle just before using to release the strong licorice-like aromas and anise flavor.

It has a flavor popular in European cookies, breads, baked goods, and candies. Almost all of the black licorice jelly candies are actually flavored with anise seed rather than licorice root. Italian Pizzelle, German Pfeffernusse, Peruvian Picarones and other cookies from around the world all call for anise.

Anise is also the main flavor in alcohols like Ouzo, Absinthe, Raki, and Jaegermeister.

Using Anise with savory dishes is easy as pie- meat pie that is. Blend Aniseed with Mediterranean spices like basil, oregano, dill, fennel, cumin, or thyme and sprinkle on pork, fish, or homemade sausages before cooking.

To best preserve the delicate flavor of the seeds, store them away from air, moisture, and light. Grind just before use. To use the seeds as a decorative toping on breads or oats toast the seeds just before using.

Ingredients: Anise seeds.
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