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Valrhona Chocolate

Pastry chefs and gourmands alike rely on Valrhona to experience chocolate at its finest. Their line of chocolate products each boast unique and distinctly recognizable flavor profiles with an aromatic quality and smooth finish unequaled in other brands. From pistoles and pearls to batons, cocoa powders, and more enhance your desserts and elevate your cooking by choosing Valrhona!
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Valrhona Bahibe Milk Chocolate Pistoles - 46% Feves
from France by Valrhona
A bold milk chocolate that hovers on the edge of dark. Made from cacao beans from the Dominican Republic, Bahibe has distinctive flavor of bold fruit tanginess and slight bitterness.
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Valrhona White Chocolate Block - Ivoire
from France by Valrhona
Smooth and milky white chocolate with a fresh vanilla flavor.
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At Gourmet Food World, we’re proud to be partnering with companies like Valrhona chocolate, whose values center around creating and providing high-quality ingredients to you, the discerning gourmand. Since 1922 Valrhona has been at the forefront of the chocolate industry, thanks to their dedication to quality and their commitment to creating unique artisanal chocolate. Complex, balanced, and consistent excellence, serves as the basis for their creative process and the motivation behind the world’s greatest line of chocolate and cacao based-products.

The creation of high-quality chocolate is a time and labor-intensive process, but the reward is the intoxicatingly delicious ingredient we all know and love. One of the most delicious and versatile ingredients the power of chocolate lies in its ability to change form. From creamy bars of chocolate to meltingly luxurious pistoles, and rich cocoa powders, chocolate can be used in almost any way.

When buying chocolate, you’ll always see a numbered percentage on the packaging, this indicates the amount of cocoa solids used in the production of the chocolate bar. Naturally, the higher that number, the more intensely flavored and bitter the chocolate will be. Its texture is affected too. High percentage chocolates are quite brittle, while those with more cocoa butter and/or more dairy products are creamier and have that melt-in-the-mouth quality. All of Valrhona’s chocolate is single-origin, meaning the cacao is all sourced from one place, this helps develop distinctive aromas and a certain terroir just like wine or coffee. The country of origin is also marked on their products, an easy way to determine your source.

A sophisticated, premium chocolate brand, Valrhona is designed for creating! From one of France's most renowned chocolatiers to home cooks, bakers, and chocolate aficionados everywhere, we invite you to savor the Valrhona baking chocolate range. The preferred chocolate of culinary professionals. Bars, nibs, sticks, glazes, blocks, pistoles, powders, and more browse through our selection and start baking better today!

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