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Other Desserts and Sweets

We tirelessly search our suppliers, trade shows and retailers for new delicious desserts and sweets. Come and see those sweet indulgences that defy categorization.
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ChocoHigos - Hand-dipped Dark Chocolate Figs
from Spain by Mitica
Delicious hand-dipped chocolate figs from Spain.
Crunchy Chocolate Pearls
from France by Valrhona
Addictive and totally delicious crunchy biscuit cereal coated in 55% cacao chocolate.
Crystalized Ginger
from Thailand by Gourmet Imports
Dark Chocolate and Ground Coffee Beans
from France by Pastry 1
A sweet and heady combination of fine chocolate and ground coffee.
Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans
from United States by Gourmet Imports
Dulce de Leche
from United States by Roland
A thick and sweet caramel topping.
Fig Cake with Marcona Almonds
from Spain by Mitica
A classic Spanish delicacy, a hard fig cake with plump Marcona almonds.
French Almond Macaroons - French Favorites
from France
These French macarons includes 6 separate flavors of chocolate, white chocolate, apricot, lemon, pistachio and raspberry.
Lavender Honey Candy Drops
from France by Mas des Abeilles
Sweet and tart, hard candy filled with French lavender honey.
on sale
Migos - Dried Pajarero Figs
from Spain by Mitica
Sweet and delicate dried Pajarero figs from Valencia, Spain.
Crunchy Blond Chocolate Pearls - Dulcey
from France by Valrhona
Crunchy Milk Chocolate Pearls - Caramelia
from France by Valrhona
Chocolate Covered Almonds - Piedras de Chocolate
from Spain
These addictive fat almonds covered in chocolate are just to die for.
Chocolate Covered Candied Oranges
from Spain by Caro
Thinly-sliced caramelized orange wedges are covered in rich dark chocolate.
Valrhona Equinoxe - Crunchy Pearls
from France by Valrhona
Chocolate pearls covered in dark chocolate with a crispy golden grain heart.
Valrhona Equinoxe - Figs and Milk Chocolate
from France by Valrhona
Delicious dried figs covered in fine milk chocolate.
Valrhona Equinoxe - Orange
from France by Valrhona
Delicious dark chocolate-covered orange rinds.
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