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Gourmet Food WorldBaking and PastryBaking DecorationCurls, Mini Blossoms - White Chocolate
Curls, Mini Blossoms - White Chocolate

Curls, Mini Blossoms - White Chocolate

from United States by Pastry 1
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Curls, Mini Blossoms - White Chocolate

These versatile white chocolate mini curls will enrich most desserts – particularly delicious in baked goods.

Our white chocolate mini blossoms curls look like small, delicately rolled up flower petals consisting of sweet, creamy white chocolate. They melt easily on the tongue creating a wonderful mouth-feel and enhance any dessert they are added to. Coming pre-prepared, these curls are very handy to have in the kitchen as they will save you the hassle of having to melt, spread and scrape the chocolate prior to cooking or baking.

Perfect for both professional bakers and weekend warriors, theseWhite chocolate mini blossoms curls are always handy to have in the kitchen: use them for garnishing and decoration, especially when they create a contrast with darker chocolates. Sprinkle them generously over chocolate-based drinks and cocktails. For cooking, use them to enrich cookies and other baked goods like biscotti and scones. You can also serve these light curls with tangy fruit as the rich, sweetness of the white chocolate will act almost like a whipping cream. The fruit can either be fresh or the base of a pie, like key lime, peach or cherry.

Ingredients: Sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, natural vanilla flavoring, soya lecithin.
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