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Bourbon Vanilla Pearls, Organic

Bourbon Vanilla Pearls, Organic

from France by Eurovanille
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Bourbon Vanilla Pearls, Organic

This dense paste is the perfect way to infuse the delightfully complex flavor of vanilla into anything. From drinks to desserts, you’ll love the taste these organic vanilla pearls impart. Created with the pastry chef in mind, easily add the intense flavor of vanilla to your culinary creations along with those classic black flecks.

Coming in a small flat container, these Bourbon Vanilla Pearls almost look like a container of caviar. But don’t try to eat them with creme fraiche and toast, instead swirl this tasty paste into creamy desserts like mousses, buttercreams, and ice cream. Made from specially selected vanilla pods, these pearls boast all the best qualities of vanilla in an easy-to-use mixture.

Composed of finely strained vanilla seeds mixed with naturally derived vanilla concentrate, a single gram of this flavorful paste equals the same as an entire vanilla pod. Highly aromatic and bursting with flavor, our pearls represent true culinary innovation. Ready to use, simply swirl in your desired amount and allow our pearls to do the rest! Give a gourmet appearance and a delightful taste to all your dishes with our organic vanilla.

Eurovanille has created a name for itself as one of the leading producers of all things vanilla since 1990. Setting the standard for all other brands on the market, Eurovanille continually creates some of the highest quality products available. Committed to fair-trade and ethical sourcing policies, Eurovanille is a member of the Sustainable Vanilla Initiative. Their dedication to consistent quality and their unfaltering commitment to sourcing their vanilla using ethical methods make their products some of the best in multiple ways. Try their Bourbon Vanilla Pearls for yourself today, and taste the difference their premium vanilla makes in your recipes.

Ingredients: Vanilla seeds extracted from Bourbon vanilla and natural vanilla seeds* (62.5%), Bourbon vanilla concentrate * (37.5%). *from organic farming.
Storage: Store in a dry place, protected from light.
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.
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