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Gelpan Cold-100- Cold Process Gelato Base

Gelpan Cold-100 - Cold Process Gelato Base

from Italy by Gelatech
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Gelpan Cold-100 - Cold Process Gelato Base

This convenient neutral base can be used to quickly and efficiently make creamy gelato and frozen sorbet. Made by Gelatech, from Italy, GelPan Cold 100 is a dairy based cold process mix. It is a dry ingredient meant to be mixed with sugar, milk, and flavors in a batch freezer during cold process gelato preparation. Allow the mix to mature for between one and four hours for best results. Serve gelato and sorbet within one week of preparation.

Popular gelato flavors include limone, bacio, stracciatella, coffee, fragola, pistachio and many others.

During cold process gelato preparation, all ingredients are microbiologically safe and are mixed directly in the batch freezer. The cold process removes the need to pasteurize ingredients in a separate machine. This saves time, space, and money. Cold process preparation allows professional gelaterie to produce large volumes of gelato quickly and efficiently while maintaining high quality flavor and texture.

Mix has a 24 month shelf life.

Ingredients: Vegetable oils (coconut, palm), dextrose, skim milk powder, dried glucose syrup, emulsifiers: propylene glycol esters of fatty acids, lactic acid esters of mono- and diglycerides, mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, citrus fiber, flavorings, milk prote
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Product Questions And Answers

Q: what is the difference between Gelpan Cold-100 and Gelpan Cold 50 besides price and mix ratio? Considering cost of final product, why would I use the 100 rather than the 50?
A: Ingredients are different. Cold 50 has more stabilizers and emulsifiers. The difference is mainly in the dosage needed - for Gelpan Cold-50 you will need more sugar ( 270/280 g sugar) but less base (50g of Gelpan Cold-50) per 1000 g of milk, while for Gelpan Cold-100 you will need less sugar (200/250 g sugar) and more base (100 g Gelpan Cold-100).

Q: Hello, Can this product be used in a home version Ice Cream maker with built in cold compressor...? Make it creamier?
A: Yes, the product can be used in ice cream makers. You just need to follow the indicated dosage when mixing the Gelpan Cold-100 with the rest of ingredients.

Q: What type of flavors can be added to this base? Can it be fresh fruits? Chocolate? Nut pastes? etc.. thanks
A: Any flavor can be added to this base once it is prepared.


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