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Grains of Paradise

Grains of Paradise

from Nigeria by Gourmet Imports
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About Grains of Paradise

Grains of Paradise area rare and expensive West African spice with a dramatic history.

They have been imported by European spice traders since the days of the explorers, where countries and companies vied competitively for the rights to source and import these rare, exquisite, and delicious new spices from places like the Spice Islands and the Pepper Coast.

For a brief time Grains of Paradise were more actively sought and used than black peppercorns. With a similar hot peppery flavor, Grains of Paradise can be a black pepper substitute. They really have a more complex flavor however, beginning with the zesty pepper flavor, but then followed by notes of fresh citrus, fruit, flowers, coriander, and cardamom. These seeds are popular in West African and North African cuisines, but can truly be experimented with in any dish calling for freshly ground black pepper.

These whole Grains of Paradise seeds are imported from Nigeria. Store them whole, but for the best release of flavor, grind them in a pepper grinder just before use. This spice is a summertime must have. Use on steaks, poultry, lamb, and meats for grilling. Grains of Paradise enhance lentil soups, okra and tomato dishes, smoked oysters, salmon, microbrew beers, and sausage. Sprinkle freshly ground grains over a dish, or whisk into a marinade, vinaigrette, or dry rub.

This versatile spice with its notes of floral sweetness and clove spice can even be used in sweet dishes needing a little kick of heat. Try Grains of Paradise over apple pie, peach cobbler, or pineapple pound cake and watch the favors blossom.

Also known as Alligator Pepper Seeds.

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