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Hateruma Island Crushed Brown Sugar (Kokutou)

Hateruma Island Crushed Brown Sugar (Kokutou)

from Japan by Murakami Syouten
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Hateruma Island Crushed Brown Sugar (Kokutou)

Hateruma Island Crushed Brown Sugar, also known as Kokutou, is a unique and prized sweetener made from the sugarcane grown on Hateruma Island in Japan. It is known for its distinctively rich and caramel-like flavor, making it a sought-after ingredient among pastry chefs and avid home cooks.

To create this uniquely delicious ingredient: the juice extracted from freshly harvested sugarcane is slowly heated in traditional iron cauldrons. Simmered until thickened and concentrated, as the liquid evaporates, the sugars caramelize, giving the Kokutou its deep, dark color and delightful flavor notes of caramel.

The concentrated sugarcane juice is poured into wooden molds and left to cool, forming solid blocks of brown sugar. These blocks are then crushed into smaller pieces, creating the signature texture, where the sugar retains a slightly coarse and crumbly form.

The taste of Hateruma Island Crushed Brown Sugar is an exquisite symphony of rich sweetness with subtle undertones of molasses and caramel. Its unique flavor profile is prized in Japanese cuisine, where it is used to sweeten traditional desserts, confections, and even savory dishes.

Beyond its culinary uses, crushed brown sugar is appreciated for its potential health benefits. Unlike refined white sugar, Kokutou retains more natural minerals and nutrients from the sugarcane, making it a preferred option for those seeking a wholesome sweetener.

Whether it's enhancing a bowl of warm rice, adding depth to sweet potato dishes, or providing a delightful balance to traditional Japanese treats, Hateruma Island sugar is a treasured ingredient that elevates everything from drinks and desserts to dinner and beyond!

Ingredients: cane sugar
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