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White Miso Paste

White Miso Paste

by Hikari Miso
1 tub - 26.4 oz room temp $8.80 $8.80 6102401
8 tubs - 26.4 oz ea room temp $8.32 $66.56 6102402

White Miso Paste

Traditionally associated with Japanese food, white miso paste is much more than an ingredient for a flavorful soup. Miso is made from soybeans, rice, salt and water, fermented with Aspergillusoryzae (a culture also used for sake and soy sauce). Nutrition-packed, white miso paste is a great source of high-quality protein, making it ideal for those who don’t eat a lot of meat.

The flavor of this Hikari miso paste is salty but mild, so you’ll never end up with overly salty dishes. Mix it with dashi for the traditional soup, or get creative and create marinades for steak and fish, flavorful sauces, and even spread it on a sandwich. Salty Hikari miso paste is deliciously versatile.

Cooking tip: boiling will curdle the miso, so always add this to the end of the prepration.
Seasoned with Bonito tuna for extra flavor. Hikari Miso uses non-genetically modified soybeans only to make their products.

Ingredients: soybean paste (water, soybeans, rice, salt), water, alcohol, seasoned bonito extract (bonito extract, salt, kelp extract, alcohol), monosodium glutamate, salt, disodium inosinate, disodium guanylate, dried frigate mackerel powder.
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Product Questions And Answers

Q: the hikari itself saying their miso is probiotic and now i see on this website that the hikari white miso is pasteurized and does not contain live bacteria which means its not i am kinda confuse here kindly help me through this
A: This White Miso Paste is pasteurized which means it is not probiotic, but the Hikari does produce other Misos that are, which we do not carry though.

Q: does this have dashi in it?
A: Yes, the White Miso Paste has dashi stock added.

Q: What is the difference between light and dark mizo?

Generally speaking, the darker the color, the longer it's been fermented and the stronger it will taste

Q: Does this product have to be refrigerated after opening?
A: Yes, the White Miso Paste needs to be kept refrigerated after opening.

Q: What is the salt content?
A: A serving size of 0.75 Tbsp - 12 g will contain 580mg of Sodium.

Q: Is your white miso paste organic?
A: This white miso paste is not certified organic.

Q: Is this Miso Paste pasteurized?
A: Yes, it is pasteurized.

Q: Product ingredients do not say msg..web site says msg. Very allergic to msg. Which I correct for organic product? Thank you.
A: The product contains the natural MSG derived from miso, but it does not have additional MSG added to it.

Q: Is this kosher?
A: The White Miso Paste is not kosher.

Q: What is ment by "not gluten free". Do you add gluten? Do you make this product in a way that creates gluten? Many times the grains used in the making of a product are handled in a way that might allow contact with a grain or process that has gluten, might this be what you mean "not gluten free".
A: This product is manufactured by Hikari Miso and according to information we have from them this product is gluten free.

Q: Is this white miso paste fermented, or does it contain live bacteria/ fungi cultures?
A: The miso paste is fermented. It does not contain live bacteria/fungi.

Q: Am I correct in that this product is gluten free?
A: Yes, according to information we have from the manufacturer this miso paste is gluten free.


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