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Mirin Sweet Cooking Sake

Mirin Sweet Cooking Sake

from United States by Kikkoman
1 bottle - 25.4 fl oz room temp $9.55 $9.55
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Mirin Sweet Cooking Sake

Made from glutinous rice, rice koji and shochu (distilled spirits), Mirin has a mellow flavor and a dark color. Mirin gives Japanese dishes a subtle sweetness and sheen, helping ingredients to absorb flavor while eliminating unpleasant meat and fish odors. Mirin and soy sauce together provide an enhanced luster to foods and are used in teriyaki sauces for fish and meats.
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Product Questions And Answers

Q: What are the ingredients?
A: The ingredients are: Water, Dextrose, Rice (Including Koji Rice), Dried Glucose Syrup.

Q: Is this honmirin (the grade of "true mirin", 100% fullbodied rice wine treated to perfection into mirin), without corn syrup?
A: The Kikoman Mirin Sweet Cooking Sake is not Hon-Mirin.

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