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How To Use Chocolate Decor For Holiday Desserts: Curls, Shavings, Cups & More.

by Gourmet Food World
How To Decorate With Curls, Shavings, Gold Leaf and More | Gourmet Food World

The devil is in the details, but the results of a little attention to detail can have divine results! Nowhere is that more true when it comes to baking. Baking is a science and perfection, while not required, adds to the visual appeal of the final product. Little finishing touches give that extra layer of sophistication to cakes, desserts and baked goods - like a strategically placed chocolate curls, an artistic sprinkle of sprinkles, a touch of gold. So once you’ve mastered the mixing, creaming, and dough making, it’s time to graduate to the next level and add the extra bit of flair with professional pastry decor.

Shavings, Curls and Sprinkles


Raspberry Chocolate Swirls Tart

Above: strategically placed chocolate curls easily take a dessert from simple to glam.

Coating a chocolate cake or individual cupcakes with shavings makes it look fresh from the best uptown bakery. Coat the sides, or top, or add a disheveled (but painstakingly meticulous) topping for a shabby but chic look. Mix and match different types of shavings to create patterns. They add both texture and flavor to your creations. Curls and shavings can be elegant and sophisticated but the bark-like texture and look can also give desserts a rustic, artisanal appeal. Use a variety of sizes to create whimsical designs on cakes, tarts, cupcakes, mousses, and even after-dinner coffee and hot chocolate. Sprinkles are always a welcomed addition to ice cream, cup cakes, and cookies. It really makes a difference when you choose sprinkles that actually taste like chocolate!

Chocolate Cups


Chocolate Cups Chocolate Decor

Selecting a pretty gourmet chocolate cup means your dessert is halfway there. Choose from tulip shapes or cups and fill them up with seasonal fruit for a really easy dessert, or add creamy custards, ice cream and mousses. This simple item can be a year-round savior, and is especially welcomed during the holidays where bright berries and smooth custards can be matched with a sprig of holly or mint for a beautiful seasonal dessert.

Chocolate Cigarettes


Mousse Decorated With Chocolate Cigarettes

Chocolate cigarettes or pirouttines add an old-school touch to sundaes, milkshakes, ice cream cups, and all sorts of smooth desserts like tiramisu, custard, panda cotta and mousse. Keep some handy to snack on while you whip your best pastries.

Gold Leaf


Gilded Gold Leaf chocolate cake

Above: make an impression this holiday season with a luxuriously decorated Gilded chocolate cake

What’s more special than gold? Edible gold leaf adds luxe decor to everything it touches. Place a small amount in the middle of your pumpkin pie, or on top of the fillings in your chocolate cups. A little goes a long way!

Making desserts that look like you bought from a pastry case is easier than it looks when you have these items on hand. Have fun and make sure to save some for your guests!

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