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How To Use Frozen Fruit Purees This Season

by Gourmet Food World
How To Use Frozen Fruit Purees  | Gourmet Food World

Having a selection of fruit year-round can be a challenging thing, especially right now when trips to the farmer’s market are impossible (or almost). But imagine reaching into your freezer and having a selection of brilliantly hued fruits ready for the (metaphorical) picking. That’s the beauty of our frozen fruit purees! What you’re reaching for is sweet fruit picked at its ripest point, then selected and processed according to each variety – a citrus differently than say, a strawberry – and frozen quickly to preserve the wonderful texture, beautiful color and delicious flavor.

Imagine a tropical frozen cocktail made with coconut puree blended with rum or whipping up a healthy blueberry papaya smoothie in minutes just by reaching into the freezer. But cocktails and smoothies are just the tip of the iceberg of possibilities of frozen fruit purees. The beauty of our purees is that they’re packaged in re-sealable tubs, which means you can scoop what you need, then keep the rest for later. Grab a scoop of raspberry puree, warm it up and drizzle over a slice of freshly baked pound cake.

Our frozen fruit purees by Ravifruit were designed for the gastronomic industry, to give chefs a practical ingredient that delivered consistent results. A French company located in the picturesque Drome Valley in Southern France, Ravifruit has since 1981 dedicated itself to producing natural premium fruit. They create delicious blends, aided by a team of research and development experts, pastry chefs and mixologists. Ravifruit takes pride in offering 100% natural frozen fruit purees in practical formats for the food industry professional, helping them create delicious and innovative desserts, cocktails and more.

Because they were designed with the food industry in mind, our fruit purees are the starting point to many sophisticated and elaborated pastries and desserts. Mix the puree with sugar and pectin to create a firm and flavorful pastry filling; craft mousses by blending fruit purees with Italian meringue, gelatin leaves and whipped cream. Make a compote, garnish ice cream, make a tart filling or a gorgeous glaze, endless possibilities!

Versatile, flavorful and available in over 50 flavors, Ravifruit frozen fruit purees are a godsend to keep in the freezer, even if you’re lucky enough to have a farmer’s market handy. Fruit is subject to seasonality, and as summer’s bounty fades into winter, frozen fruit purees give you the chance to have an exotic array of fruit available year-round. Plus, you can save so much time by stocking up on our frozen purees – no ice, no going out to the store! Instant frozen beverages! They’re useful, practical, and a great value to boot.

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