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from United States by Mitica
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Honeycomb by Mitica is pulled straight from the hives in Italy and packaged without any filtering, processing, or modification, delivering to discerning consumers fresh, raw, honey in the comb. This Italian artisan honey in beeswax is a sticky sweet delight.

Mitica honeycomb is produced in Emilia Romagna in Northern Italy by the Cazzola Brothers, founders of Apicolutura Cazzola farms. What began as a hobby with three hives has grown into a passionate life’s work. Now 20 years later and 200 beehives strong, the Cazzola Brothers continue to deliver the highest quality artisan honeys to professional chefs around the world.

Honeycomb is a natural presentation of raw honey, still in the hexagonal wax combs the bees make in their hives. The bee’s wax can be eaten, or the comb can be chewed and enjoyed like gum and spit out when the flavor has left it. Honeycomb, like honey, can be stored for years in a sealed container at room temperature.

It is delicious over ice cream, yogurt, and oatmeal. Pair it with sweet, mild, or salty cheeses. It also compliments citrus fruits, tropical fruits, and autumn harvest fruits.

Ingredients: Honeycomb.
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