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White Peach Puree

White Peach Puree

from France by Ravifruit
1 tub - 2.2 lbs chilled $14.27 $31.40
5 tubs - 2.2 lbs ea chilled $13.65 $150.15

White Peach Puree

Ravifruit frozen purees are a winning combination of flavor and practicality. We love that they're 100% natural - 90% fruit and 10% sugar - nothing more, nothing less. White peach puree is incredibly versatile and can be used for anything from making sorbet to cocktails, and store a long time in the freezer. These delicious peaches were picked and frozen at their peak of ripeness, conserving their texture, flavor and color. Some suggested uses: make sorbets, ice creams, mousses, fill pastries and pies, blend with your favorite alcohol for a cool summer drink. To use white peach puree: thaw out in the fridge for about 12 hours, or at room temperature for 8 hours. Store in the fridge after opening and consume quickly. Product may be refrozen once defrosted and may arrive partially defrosted.
Ingredients: White peach puree 90%, sugar 10%, antioxidant: ascorbic acid.
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
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Product Questions And Answers

Q: What are the sugars and added sugars the nutritional panel would be great to see
A: Nutrition Facts
Amount Per Serving
Calories  88
Total Fat  0g  0%
Saturated Fat  0g   0%
Trans Fat  0g  0%
Cholesterol  0mg  0%
Sodium  2mg  0&
Total Carbs  20G  7%
Dietary Fiber  1g  4%
Total Sugars  20g
Includes 10g added sugars
Protein  0g  0%
Vitamin a  0%
Vitamin C  0%
Vitamin D  0%
Calcium  6mg  0%
Iron  0mg  0%
Potassium  189mg  4%

Q: Are they really from white peaches
A: Yes, White Peach Puree is made from real all natural white peaches.


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Q: If one leaves it out for 3 hours can the rest be refrozen. I am only going to make 6 bellinis if I order it
A: Yes, you can refreeze it. However, we would advise to cut with a heated knife the quantity you need while the puree is still frozen and thaw out only that quantity. In this way you will not have to refreeze the puree multiple times and thus avoid any possible texture damages.

Q: How long does it take to delivery to: Davie, FL 33162
A: The White Peach Pure is a perishable item and it can be shipped out only via Overnight (next day delivery).

Q: Since this can thaw at room temp for 8 hours, assume it could thaw in the fridge and then sit out at a brunch for 3 hours and be fine?
A: Yes, the puree can be thawed out in the refrigerator and kept at room temperature for a couple of hours after.

Q: I'm planning a bridal shower and would like to serve peach bellinis. How many cocktails would one tub make? How quickly do you process orders?

The classic Bellini recipe calls for 2 oz of Peach Puree, so you would get around 17 cocktails out of the 2.2 lbs tub. The puree is perishable and thus needs to be shipped out Overnight. Please check our Shipping & Processing Time information page:

Q: How many calories ?
A: There are 83.9 calories per serving (100 grams).


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