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Strawberry Puree

Strawberry Puree

from France by Ravifruit
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Strawberry Puree

Can you think of a more delicious way to ward of the heat than plump sweet strawberries mixed with sugar and frozen? You'll this frozen puree by Ravifruit, an all-natural recipe without any flavor added, color, or preservative : 90% of fruit pulp and 10% of sugar or 100% of fruit. Use this frozen strawberry puree to make sorbets, ice creams, mousses, to fill pastries and pies, or, for summer, use your blender and your favorite liquor to make cool cocktails! To use: thaw out in the fridge for about 12 hours, or at room temperature for 8 hours. Store in the fridge after opening and consume quickly. Product may be refrozen once defrosted and may arrive partially defrosted

Ingredients: Strawberry puree 90%, sugar 10%
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Product Questions And Answers

Q: Does the puree contain fruit pieces or is it completely blended?
A: The purees are fully blended.

Q: If you add the purée to buttercream frosting will it turn out well?
A: Yes, you can add puree to buttercream frosting. Just make sure to beat until completely smooth.

Q: Is there any information on the nutrient content? Amount of calcium, potassium etc per container?
A: Amount per serving

Calories      65
Total Fat  0g   0%
Saturated Fat   0g   0%
Trans Fat   0g   0%
Cholesterol   0mg   0%
Sodium   5mg   0%
Total Carbs   13g   4%
Dietary Fiber   1g   4%
Total Sugars   13g / Included 10g added sugars
Protein   0g   0%
Vitamin A   mcg   0%
Vitamin C   mcg   0%
Vitamin D   0mcg   0%
Calcium   13mg   1%
Iron   0mg   0%
Potassium   149mg   3%

Q: Is the sugar listed in ingredients sugar added or the natural sugar in the strawberries?
A: The 10% sugar is added to the the fruit puree, the puree is sweetened.

Q: Is the puree organic ?
A: The Strawberry Puree from Ravifruit is not organic certified.

Q: How long does this puree last in the fridge once thawed?
A: The shelf life of the Ravifruit purees is 12 months from production date if kept frozen and around 3-5 days if kept refrigerated.

Q: what is the sugar content of this puree in 100g?
A: There are 13g of sugar per 100g of puree.

Q: Can you use the fruit puree to make ice cream?
A: Yes, you can use the Strawberry Puree for ice creams.

Q: Can you use this to thaw out and then heat up and can to make jam?
A: Yes, the puree can be used to make jams and jellies.

Q: Are there seeds?
A: There could potentially be some seeds in this product, but it is ground finely enough that you won't discern them.


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