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Lamb Hind Shanks

Lamb Hind Shanks

from New Zealand by Broadleaf
2 pieces, 16-18 oz ea frozen $13.88 $27.76
12 x 2 pieces, 16-18 oz ea frozen $11.60 $278.40

Lamb Hind Shanks


Enjoy some of the most succulent meat without breaking the bank by choosing our New Zealand lamb hind shanks. Braised in a flavorful liquid: this well-used portion breaks down into fall off the bone tender meat bursting with umami flavor. While this cheap cut is often passed over for quick grillable portions, the shanks offer some of the tastiest results.

The ideal option for the Fall and Winter months, lamb shanks need long slow cooking. With four shanks per animal (the fore shanks and hind shanks), they represent the lower half of the lamb's legs. The hind shanks are prized for their greater meat-to-bone ratio, but both portions are equally delicious.

Some of the hardest working muscles, the shanks, are packed with flavor. Lean and tough, in order to transform this meat, you must slowly cook it. Braised lamb shank is the most popular way to prepare this portion, as the liquid keeps it from drying out during the long, slow cook.

The hind shanks from Broadleaf are among the finest available on the market. Sourced from local New Zealand farms, these lambs are raised on lush pasture land. Never given any antibiotics, hormones, or steroids, they offer a meat as wholesome as it is delicious.

Allowed to grow and mature in a natural way, with a diet consisting of native grasses and flora, you’ll immediately taste the difference when compared to feedlot raised lamb. Just a click away; start enjoying the flavor and quality of our grass-fed lamb hind-shanks as soon as tomorrow!

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Product Questions And Answers

Q: Are these lamb shanks cooked already? Or are they RAW. Thank you
A: These lamb shanks are not cooked, they are raw.

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4128001 2 pieces, 16-18 oz ea 1.75 lbs. - 2.50 lbs. $13.88
4128002 12 x 2 pieces, 16-18 oz ea 21.00 lbs. - 27.00 lbs. $11.60


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