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Prosciutto di Parma - Boneless - 18 Months

Prosciutto di Parma - Boneless, 18-months

from Italy by Leoncini
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Prosciutto di Parma - Boneless, 18-months

Prosciutto di Parma is known as the ‘King of Hams’ by foodies around the world. Our Prosciutto di Parma by Leoncini is full of delicious sweet and delicate flavors that roll over the tongue with every bite. Every prosciutto is the result of centuries of experience passed down from generation to generation. Each ham is produced from the hind legs of specially raised pigs raised in very specific regions of Italy.

Farmers raise each pig free-range and feed them only high quality forage with added whey protein. Their diet is the key component for the sweetness you taste in the meat. After harvest, each leg is salted by a ‘master salter’, which is a trade in Italy, and then left to rest for a week. The legs are re-salted and then hang for up to 90 days in temperature controlled rooms for drying and then washing at the end of the cycle. Once the drying process is complete, the legs are smeared with lard and are left to cure for the rest of the maturing process.

The final product is delicious, flavorful, and the best prosciutto you’ve ever tasted! Enjoy it on it’s own or pair it with toasted, rustic breads. Prosciutto goes well with juicy summer melons or mozzarella or burrata cheese. Our Prosciutto di Parma pairs well with a nice Chianti.

Leoncini began their operations back in 1918 in EmiliaRomagna, Italy when Aristodemo Leoncini’s talent as a sausage maker brought him regional acclaim. By the 1960s he and his sons became sole owners of the Leoncini brand to this day the family runs the business. Their hams are now world famous as they continue to make quality products in the heart of Italy including their Prosciutto di Parma.

Ingredients: Pork, salt
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